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Benthic Photo 2016 Color Processing

I’ve started going through the 2016 benthic photos from Carrie Bow and have refined the color-correction process that I was using on previous photos analysed for 2017 here. I used the same methods and got through CBC 30 Central, but I added a color-correction step after I applied the red filter. I also changed the opacity of the red layer independently for each photo (I used the same opacity for all pictures within a site previously.


Benthic Photo Processing for CoralNet

This week I got back to processing the benthic photoquadrats from the 2017 MarineGEO Carrie Bow Cay field campaign. I reviewed the 2015 photos which we uploaded to CoralNet and saw that some of the photos were not color-corrected. I also double checked the cropping of the photos and found that most photos were cropped to a 54cm x 82cm estimated area covered, though some photos appear to be larger that that.