Whippo Lab

Ross Whippo's Lab and Field Notebook

Welcome to my field and lab notebook. I am currently the central technician for the Smithsonian’s MarineGEO program, and will be returning to graduate school in Fall 2018 to pursue my PhD in marine community ecology.

My primary interests include: trophic interactions of primary producers and consumers; the effects of cross-habitat nutrient subsidies; the role of biodiversity in ecosystem function; and dispersal. You can find my science-related blog posts on my personal website.

The notebook contains field and lab observations, experimental setups, preliminary analyses and results, and other thoughts related to my work. Project specific code and data can be found on my GitHub repository.

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center,
Smithsonian Institution,
647 Contees Wharf Rd,
Edgewater, MD, 21037, USA
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